For the competitive health and beauty industry, SienaBlü has the expertise and technology to deliver packaging that converts.

With several decades of experience, the SienaBlü team specializes in packaging solutions that will not
only protect your products but make them look beautiful, too!

Packaging should reflect your company values, your mission and your environmental awareness.

View our packaging designs below.

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For the customer, the custom cosmetics bag is a simple but effective way to keep their beauty products organised, to ensure things are transported safely from point A to point B and (let’s be real) to show off just a bit. For the cosmetic bag manufacturer being able to offer customers high-quality cosmetics bags presents invaluable marketing and brand imaging opportunities the likes of which are few and far between. 


But it typically takes more than a plain cotton bag with your logo printed on it to make the desired impression. The bag must exude all the qualities associated with your brand in a tasteful and reliable way. That’s where we come in. The SienaBlü packaging design team is one of the best around and will create a cosmetic bag for you that elevates your entire brand experience.

The Perfect Cosmetics Bag for Your Needs

The design team at SienaBlü are able to work with any type of imagery or artwork you have to create a branded makeup bag that will leave your competition in the dust. As a premium makeup bag supplier, we are able to realise the most discreet or the most involved full bleed print and always in a tasteful way that enhances your brand identity. 


We will work with you to determine the right fabric, size, colour, shape and texture to convey your brand message while also providing the customer with a durable, practical way to transport their beauty products. We will also work with you to select the ideal fastener, one that is a perfect aesthetic match with the rest of the bag, while also providing the safety and security your customers want and expect in a custom makeup bag.

Environmentally Conscious Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers

At SienaBlü our ultimate goal is to become a fully sustainable cosmetic packaging company and makeup bag supplier. Every day we inch closer to our goal by working only with eco-responsible suppliers and purging the acquisition, design, production and shipping aspects of our business of environmentally wasteful practices at every turn. The makeup bag we create for you will not only be a thing of beauty and easy functionality, it will also be a prime example of responsible production and corporate social responsibility.


We also embrace Fairtrade practices, source from organic suppliers and insist that every stage of the cosmetic bag manufacture supply and acquisition process lives up to rigorous ethical standards. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability so that the world we leave succeeding generations is just as beautiful as the one we have been privileged to enjoy.


Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers You can be Proud to Work With

At SienaBlü our commitment to the environment is matched only by our commitment to produce makeup bags that meet or exceed our customers’ most wildly optimistic expectations. Our dedicated team of designers are some of the best in the business and will work closely with you to ensure the cosmetics bag with your name on it produces delight in your customers and envy in your competitors.

Our Services

Design & Creative Services

Our team will design solutions that are functional and modern, yet cost-effective, to make your product stand out. Creating memorable brand experiences is what we do best.


Reliable Sourcing & Manufacturing

We are dedicated to ethical sourcing and work exclusively with suppliers that reflect that commitment. Our strict compliance standards and costing frameworks allow us to provide high quality products at competitive prices.


Quality & Regulatory Assurance

We pride ourselves on delivering results that exceed expectations. Only when we’ve confirmed that the final product conforms with regulatory specifications, meets our exceptionally high production standards and is to your utmost satisfaction will we consider our job done.

Marketing Services

We understand what motivates consumers and how to grab attention in a competitive consumer landscape. We will create campaigns to best position and promote your brand.

Packaging & Assembly

Our attention to detail and turnkey process means your product will be packed and delivered to your destination with maximum care.

Distribution & Logistics

We draw on our connections worldwide to help you with distribution and logistics so that your product arrives on schedule and in excellent condition.