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At SienaBlü our mission is to raise the bar on cosmetic packaging including in the areas of graphic design and sustainability. As a leading Cosmetics Graphic Designer, we understand the importance of a brand’s image and its role in building loyalty within the customer base. We work closely with producers in every facet of the beauty industry to ensure the finished product reflects their brand values while at the same time enhancing the appeal of the product within. 

The Role of Cosmetics Packaging

According to Forbes magazine, the global beauty industry is worth a staggering £450 billion. Is it any wonder then that competition within the industry is so intense? In order to eke out a spot for your brand in the cosmetics department, you need more than an attractive scent or interesting shade of highlighter. You need graphic design that ignites the fire of curiosity within the customer and prompts them to reach forward and pick up your product.


Studies have shown that packaging plays a crucial role in the purchasing decision. It is no exaggeration to say that your brand’s identity is embodied by the combination of materials, textures, colours and graphic design found on the packaging. Should you come up short in any one of these areas the others will suffer by association and you can expect less than satisfying sales figures. Cosmetic graphic design by SienaBlü can help ensure that does not happen to you.


Going the Extra Mile

Few things provide us with the kind of satisfaction we get from elevating a makeup brand’s image, be that through the creation of a new cosmetics logo or through new graphic design elements for their cosmetics packaging and peripherals. We apply every bit of our knowledge and experience in our pursuit of perfection, which is why name brands including Bain de Terre and up-and-coming brands such as Better Natured rely on SienaBlü as their Cosmetics Graphic Designer, and why you should too.

Make Every Encounter Count

The packaging of your beauty products represents your primary opportunity to connect with your intended audience. Your identity as expressed in the graphic design on these products needs to be unique and compelling. If you produce a variety of cosmetic products, that singular identity must come shining through in unmistakable fashion even as the details of the packaging change gears from product to product. Achieving this combination of consistency and flexibility is no small feat.

Promises Made, Promises Fulfilled

Catching the eye of the consumer is a vital first step in the conversion process, but graphic design for beauty products must do more than that. It must convey the essence of your brand values while simultaneously arousing curiosity, and it should make a promise that your product is ready to fulfil. If the would-be customer reaches for your product and is then let down when they regard it closely you will not only lose a sale today, you will likely lose that customer for life. As such the Cosmetics Graphic Designer you choose is vitally important.

A Commitment to Sustainability

While our clients are ultimately drawn to us by the quality of our work and the benefits we can provide their brand, they are also attracted to our unshakeable commitment to sustainability. The concept and practice of sustainability is front and centre in everything we do at SienaBlü and we would not have it any other way.


New, Revamped or Expanded Product Lines

At SienaBlü we work with a variety of beauty industry manufacturers in search of a variety of graphic design and packaging solutions. From entirely new brands intent on making a splash when they land on shelves for the first time, to established brands looking to overhaul their image and others seeking to expand their product offerings into new areas. Our flexibility is a testament to the talent of our designers

Comprehensive Industry Knowledge

Our history of working with brands from every corner of the beauty industry has provided us with a comprehensive knowledge of the business. We have also had the opportunity to see up close what works and what doesn’t work and internalised those lessons for the benefit of our clients.

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