Sustainable Canadian Packaging Solutions
That Think Outside-

A passionate, innovative team bringing that je ne sais quoi fashion-meets-function factor to create inspired luxury and wholesale cosmetic packaging, salon accessories, and beauty supplies.

SienaBlü is the solution for lifestyle brands looking for the total package.

Bringing brands to life through functional, innovative packaging solutions

For us, the magic touch lies in the details. No detail is overlooked when our talented artisans transform your mood, personality, colour, and fonts into beautiful, one-of-a-kind branded packages that tell your story, your way.

SienaBlü is an
industry leader.

Want to know why?

The packaging industry and eco-friendly haven’t always belonged in the same sentence.

We’re here to change that.

Together as a team, we are balancing product experience with responsible, thoughtful materials and production. As the need for more sustainable packaging grows, our company is growing with it.

Don’t judge a box by its cover. At SienaBlü, sustainability is the name of the game. We take care to consider the environment with every product we execute, from concept design all the way to product distribution

Our Products

Product Packaging

Our unique packaging solutions are complemented by our drive to stay ahead of market trends.A world-class leader in cosmetic and skin care product packaging, SienaBlü believes that packaging solutions should be as beautiful as the skin it supports.

Cosmetic Bags and Boxes

Packaging speaks volumes about the product and brand behind it. SienaBlü designs and produces standard and custom packaging with a punch to ensure that you rise above the competition. We excel at creating elegant yet functional cosmetic bags and boxes that get your product noticed.

Hair Salon Accessories

The hair salon accessories industry offers a wide range of products. SienaBlü specializes in designing and manufacturing capes, aprons, smocks, color tools, brushes, hair foil and other products. Through careful attention to detail, we deliver top-of-the-line designs that act as an extension of your brand.


Cosmetic Packaging

We're on a mission
We’re taking a proactive approach to addressing critical issues facing society and measuring our progress in these areas.

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