We know how to bring a brand’s personality to life.

SienaBlü’s experienced and talented design team allows us to do this through our sleek packaging offerings such as shopping bags, product boxes and cosmetic tubes. The designs we make work hand in hand with functionality in order to allow us to create fresh, stylish and modern packaging. Our innovative and hardworking team gets a thrill out of contributing to retailers’ identity by helping make branded statements that connect to their consumers on an emotional level.


Carry everything you need in style.

SienaBlü’s product team has a pulse on the fast-paced beauty and fashion industry. Our adaptive and innovative approach allows us to create the look that both you and your customers will not be able to leave without. Whether it is a makeup bag as a gift with the purchase or a travel companion to a consumer’s skincare routine, we can bring your desired look to the counter in a heartbeat.

Cosmetics & Skin Care

The skin care and cosmetic solutions and trends.

In order to be an industry leader and reach trends prior to competition, it is imperative to be knowledgeable of industry trends before they even hit the market. Long before the term “K Beauty” was popularized, SienaBlü has been fostering relationships with Korean beauty brands. These relationships allow us to offer turnkey skincare and cosmetics solutions to any brand looking to add these unique products to their mix.

Hair Salon Products

Bad hair day? Do not worry, we’ve got you covered.

SienaBlü designs, creates and produces salon-specific accessories. Our attention to detail allows us to put forward high quality products, but most importantly, it allows us to tell a story with your brand. This story is told through smocks and uniforms, high quality brushes, chic tool belts and additional features that will conceptualize the salon experience.

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