Cosmetic Packaging Services

SienaBlü is a one-stop shop specializing in cosmetic packaging services. From concept design to product distribution, we offer our clients a turnkey experience with a commitment to sustainability from start to finish.

At SienaBlü, we pride ourselves on knowing the latest marketing trends and drawing on that expertise to create products that are innovative, creative and impactful.






Reliable Sourcing & Manufacturing

We are dedicated to ethical sourcing and work exclusively with suppliers that reflect that commitment. Our strict compliance standards and costing frameworks allow us to provide high quality products at competitive prices.

Quality & Regulatory Assurance

We pride ourselves on delivering results that exceed expectations. Only when we’ve confirmed that the final product conforms with regulatory specifications, meets our exceptionally high production standards and is to your utmost satisfaction will we consider our job done.

Marketing Services

We understand what motivates consumers and how to grab attention in a competitive consumer landscape. We will create campaigns to best position and promote your brand.

Packaging & Assembly

Our attention to detail and turnkey process means your product will be packed and delivered to your destination with maximum care.

Distribution & Logistics

We draw on our connections worldwide to help you with distribution and logistics so that your product arrives on schedule and in excellent condition.

Why Quality Cosmetics Packaging Matters

Few industries rely on the power of the image as much as the cosmetics industry. That includes the image the product packaging itself projects. It’s imperative that the packaging catch the eye of the consumer and make them want to “buy in”. They should be excited and even proud to be associated with the image the product is conveying. If they’re not, they will move on to something else.


Many a quality cosmetic has failed in the market because the packaging simply did not do its job. That is why it is so important to make sure you hire a cosmetics packaging firm that is on top of their game. SienaBlü create cosmetic packaging that establishes the credibility of your product from the all-important aesthetic point of view. At the same time, the packaging we create is highly functional and will help ensure the integrity of your cosmetics from the time they leave the production facility until they are unboxed in the customer’s home.


Cosmetic Packaging and Marketing

Cosmetic companies thrive on brand loyalty. Once a person finds a brand of lipstick or eyeshadow they like they tend to stick with it through thick and thin. But if you are to effectively cultivate brand loyalty in your customers you need to make it easy for them to recognise your product amidst the blizzard of choices on offer in the cosmetics marketplace. That’s where packaging and marketing converge. 


Packaging represents the frontline of cosmetics marketing. It is in a very real sense, the in-store ambassador for your brand. It is vital that it visually project the brand image while at the same time embodying what the brand stands for with the type and quality of the materials that go into the packaging. 


The average person may not be able to articulate exactly why but they instinctively know when something looks or feels cheap or second-rate, and 99% of the time they will pass on something like that. Even if they are working with a limited budget and cannot afford top-of-the-line cosmetics they want the value-orientated cosmetics they buy to have a more upscale look and feel.

Protecting the Product

Packaging has two roles to play in the life of your cosmetics line. The first is to lure the customer in with a compelling brand image, the second is to make sure the product survives the often bumpy ride from factory to vanity. Part of guarding the integrity of your cosmetics is making sure no one is able to tamper with the product at any point of its journey to market. 


Tamper-evident packaging is one way to ensure the integrity of liquid-based cosmetics in glass bottles. Tamper-proof cosmetic packaging is also available for everything from lipstick to eyeliner and helps ensure the customer always feels safe and secure when choosing your products.

Protecting The World We Live In

Besides acting as a frontline marketing tool and ensuring the integrity of your products during transit and while on store shelves, great packaging should also demonstrate that cosmetic companies are aware of the precarious state of the environment and are committed to doing their part to reverse the ecological slide.


SienaBlü cosmetic packaging is always designed and fabricated with Mother Earth in mind. Our ultimate goal is to become a completely circular cosmetics packaging company, one that leads by example and inspires others to do better. Through innovative design and material choices, we reduce waste and help mitigate the drift toward a climate crisis our children would have to live with. If you want your cosmetic line to reflect your concern for and commitment to a sustainable future get in touch with SienaBlü and ask about our cosmetics packaging.


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