Cosmetic Box Manufacturers

The vessel or container that holds your beauty product plays an essential role in establishing and bolstering your brand image. But before people can see your beautiful and stylish cold cream jar or body lotion dispenser they first see the box it comes in. If that box is not all it should be, the quality of the body lotion or other product inside will not matter because the customer will pass it over for a box that speaks more to their tastes and sensibilities. 


For that reason, you need to work with experienced cosmetic box manufacturers who understand the intricacies and aesthetics of custom box design and can provide it for you at a cost that will not bankrupt your business. You need to work with the team at SienaBlü.

Cosmetic Box Packaging Suppliers

SienaBlü cosmetic box manufacturers will enable your beauty product to establish an indelible bond with your customers by helping to solidify your brand image. It will also provide your environmentally conscious customers with the type of sustainable packaging they can embrace without hesitation. It is the ultimate win-win situation for you, your customers, Mother Nature and all of our kids’ futures.


Custom Cosmetic Boxes Suppliers

When it comes to cosmetics, image is everything. Because of that sometimes a standard-sized cosmetics box is not enough. You need something of a unique size and shape to catch the customer’s eye and draw them in. But it cannot be just any old attention-getting shape. It needs to embody the essence of your brand and exude a sense of exclusiveness. The design team at SienaBlü are masters of custom cosmetic box design and will create one for you that immediately catapults you to the head of the line.


But our custom cosmetic boxes are more than just a pretty face. They are also practical and functional and your customers will appreciate how they simplify the task of toting cosmetics along on holiday or business. They will stand up to repeat openings and closings, being stuffed into carry-on bags and being tossed around by careless baggage handlers. All the while looking good and protecting your product.

The Only Custom Box Suppliers You Will Ever Need

No matter what type of beauty products you produce it is imperative that the boxes they travel in and the boxes the customer sees on the shelf serve a multitude of purposes related to marketing, safety, brand imaging and practicality. Not all cosmetic box manufacturers are up to the task of creating such multifaceted packages.

Trust The Team at Sienablü

We are SienaBlü. We make our living fulfilling and surpassing the needs and expectations of our customers. We have many years of experience creating and manufacturing packaging for beauty brands great and small and we bring the same level of expertise and commitment to each project. If you want your beauty product to stand out in the crowded department store cosmetics department, make sure you enlist the team at SienaBlü. We are the only cosmetic boxes suppliers you will ever need.

Our Services

Design & Creative Services

Our team will design solutions that are functional and modern, yet cost-effective, to make your product stand out. Creating memorable brand experiences is what we do best.

Reliable Sourcing & Manufacturing

We are dedicated to ethical sourcing and work exclusively with suppliers that reflect that commitment. Our strict compliance standards and costing frameworks allow us to provide high quality products at competitive prices.

Quality & Regulatory Assurance

We pride ourselves on delivering results that exceed expectations. Only when we’ve confirmed that the final product conforms with regulatory specifications, meets our exceptionally high production standards and is to your utmost satisfaction will we consider our job done.

Marketing Services

We understand what motivates consumers and how to grab attention in a competitive consumer landscape. We will create campaigns to best position and promote your brand.

Packaging & Assembly

Our attention to detail and turnkey process means your product will be packed and delivered to your destination with maximum care.

Distribution & Logistics

We draw on our connections worldwide to help you with distribution and logistics so that your product arrives on schedule and in excellent condition.