According to one of our customers, we are “the industry’s best kept secret”, but we’ll let you decide that for yourself.
From packaging to promotional items, private labels, to retail products, and 4 color processes to YKK hardware, we do it all. SienaBlu is the one stop shop that brings brands to life through functional and innovative packaging, fashion forward bags, high quality salon products, modern accessories, as well as trend setting cosmetics and skincare products. We incorporate personality and inject life into each product we create.

Meaning Behind SienaBlu

While Siena is a city in Italy that is well renowned for its art treasures. At SienaBlü, we pride ourselves on the knowledge of global and local fashion trends, design aesthetic as well as quality. We are producing works of art for all of our clients.

The color blue conveys creativity, intelligence and trust, which are three elements that SienaBlü proudly fosters.

Our Values

We are a one stop shop that covers everything from high quality manufacturing services to custom, modern and innovative packaging. We value our clients and their vision, which explains our longstanding relationships that are based on trust and transparency. Our relationships are also due to our fast lead times, including our cost effective and high quality solutions.

The people behind SienaBlü are extremely hard working, fashion forward, innovative, and are focused on bringing brands to life without the use of words. We are always one step ahead of the game and pride ourselves on helping you thrive in fast paced and changing environments.

The Founder: Chris Papp

The secret of getting ahead is getting started, no matter what challenges you will encounter.

The journey of hard work, blood, sweat and tears began in 2006. Chris Papp was determined and eager to bring his vision of SienaBlu to life, knowing that his background in business and entrepreneurship would be valuable assets on the adventure he was about to embark on.

While nine out of ten startup businesses fail, Chris knew that this adventure was going to be a difficult one. He decided to listen to his gut, which was telling him to make the leap…and the outcome? Well let’s just say that his instincts are never wrong.
Chris knew he was on the right path because he had no interest in looking back. His ability to critically think, make decisions confidently in a quick manner, and trust his intuition are responsible for SienaBlü’s success. Most importantly, they play a part in our clients’ success as well. Not only does he have an eye for modern design, but he has a talent for anticipating emerging trends as well. Being able to take it one step further and incorporate these upcoming trends in a unique and innovative way, makes this company the number one choice to work with time and time again.

His ambition and passion are responsible for making SienaBlü into its own work of art that transpires love, aesthetic and innovation.