SienaBlü is a leading Canadian company providing modern and intelligent solutions to the haircare, cosmetic and fashion industries. We offer promotional, private label and retail products, most specifically; packaging, bags and salon accessories.

Our design team maintains a unique spirit that characterizes our company. We have a strong background in the fashion industry so we understand both the aesthetic trends and the complexities of overseas production.

In our 11 years of supplying to the cosmetics, hair care, and fashion industries we have been working with major brands in Canada and the U.S. producing well-designed products that reinforce their brand.

Our Five Pillars of
Successful Outcomes

How does a company like SienaBlü continue to grow while still being innovative? For one thing, we make sure that the processes and principles of these 5 pillars remain at the forefront of our operations.

1Design – We take influences from current home and fashion trends and consider all the important elements to design and develop an end product with creative intelligence. We love the process of working with our customers on concept and design and our passion can be seen in every sample.

2Quality – We source the material, clasps, zippers and decorative hardware to develop a product that will stand the test of time and get people excited about using and reusing it. We work within the buyer’s budget to offer a final design of the best possible quality for the price.

3Price – Part of the creative challenge is to design exceptional products within presented pricing frameworks. We analyze costs so the buyers can balance style, price and quality allowing them to capitalize on their budget while we thrive on bringing amazing work to them within the budgets presented to us.

4Delivery – Our internal delivery management processes and excellent relationship with overseas manufacturers are integral to our ability to give our customers what they want when they want it. With our systems in place, we get your product to market faster while keeping delivery costs down.

5Communication –We believe in honest conversations and we encourage buyers to be the same with us. In this way, we can perform better and keep improving where improvement is needed. We uncover the buyers’ goal and vision to harness the power of their aspirations, keeping in mind that you too have a business to run.

Our Approach

  • Innovation: Seeking to design, manufacture and deliver design hallmarks of style, functionality and performance.
  • Customer satisfaction: Listening to their requests and understanding their expectations is paramount to deliver excellence.
  • Collaboration and commitment: Working with and giving all we have to make sure our customers are taken care of.
  • Fun: Injecting creative energy into every interaction so that working together is something we all look forward to.

We take our inspiration from… you, current fashion and color trends, the catwalk, architectural and home design. We believe in designs that sell, deliveries that make good time and pricing that pleases. And then we run with it!

Here’s how we help tell your visual story so you out-do your competition:

  • Catchy design, vivid ideas, and standout strategies to maximize the impact of new product launches.
  • Customized programs, creative collaboration and critical thinking to realize your vision.
  • Promotional, private label programs and branded bags and salon accessories designed together as your creative partner.
  • Local support and overseas production to reach your brand goals at the best price points.

From concept & design to production & delivery we facilitate all stages of production.

The process: The process of working with SienaBlü is simple. We work together on choosing design materials, hardware and branding. Once these details are determined we work from a prototype sample to perfect and finalize the product design until it meets your approval. Upon approval we set up a production schedule. The product is inspected for compliance and then off to shipping it goes.


Integrity. Innovation. Customer satisfaction.

Collaboration and commitment.



Chris Papp

Founder, owner and operator

Chris Papp was born into Montreal’s garment industry and embraced everything about it. In 1998 he joined his family’s importing company as a supplier of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing to major Canadian retailers. Both his quick intuition and critical decision-making were a welcome asset to the business during those recession-era hard times. Counted among his regular accounts were Addition Elle, Laura Shops, La Senza Girl, HBC and Marie Claire.

Chris started his company SienaBlü in 2006 becoming an independent supplier of packaging, bags and salon accessories. Faithful to his deeply held values; Chris operates a socially responsible business and participates in ethical business practices. He’s passionate about the creative and interpersonal aspects of his business and displays an uncanny knack for anticipating and guiding emerging trends. The love he has for his work shows in his rapport with others, in his ability to handle challenges and successes with humility and grace and in his focussed ambition. He gets a real thrill in contributing to retailers’ identity by helping make branded statements that connect to their consumers on an emotional level.

Chris enjoys being involved in the community. He lends his leadership and support to several charity and philanthropic organizations that are dear to his heart.