1 Packaging

David’s Tea

We are in the business of finding creative solutions to solve problems. David’s Tea was looking for high quality packaging that would successfully display 24 tins of tea in a visually appealing way. This may be a challenge for most, but we offered a functional, innovative, high quality and cost-effective solution that other industry players could not.

2 Hair Product


Joico needed to work with a company that would help them fulfill their vision. SienaBlü did exactly that by providing thorough services that managed and facilitated each stage of the process. We began by manufacturing the products displayed and then produced the packaging Joico was looking for. There is an ease of working with us that differentiates us from the rest.

3 Fast Turnarounds


In under 60 days, SienaBlü managed to bring Shiseido’s vision to life from start to finish. Once the packaging was designed, our strong relationships with our abroad suppliers proved to be extremely beneficial. The design was sent out, and in just a few weeks, the packages were produced and arrived at the point of delivery. We make things happen, while making you as comfortable as possible. Leave the FOB, DDP and CPT Incoterms to us!

4 Cosmetics

Lise Watier

We are extremely proud to have been working with Lise Watier since 2013. Our versatility has allowed us to create and design many products together across all categories. The success that we have had working with Lise Watier is in large part due to our transparency and our stellar customer service in managing relationships. We consider our clients to be our partners and as partners, we are proud to offer a level of service that surpasses expectations.